The BEST Shampoo for Colored Hair

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3 FREE Ways to Care for Your Hair

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Keratin treatments are long sought after by those seeking smoother, frizz-free looks. The other names associated with the treatment are: Brazilian Blowout, Cezanna, and Goodwill Kerasilk. Though [...]

The Benefits of Algae Extract

Before you question us on why we're suggesting you put seaweed on your skin and hair, hear us out. By using this miracle marine algae plant, you can hone down on acne, prevent and fix hairless, [...]

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DIY Oily Scalp Solution

There’s nothing worse than an oily scalp. Especially if you’re booked & busy with no time or patience to spare. Sure, dry shampoo can mask the appearance of oily roots, but not for long

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It’s true what they say, the 80’s and 90’s are making a fierce comeback into the ~Land of Latest Trends~ are we are herefor it. From high waisted mom jeans, to bright pops of eye color, you don’t [...]

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