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The happiest of hours

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re probably curious to know what exactly a hair cocktail is. Well, dear reader, a hair cocktail is meant for wearin’, not for drinkin’- but that doesn’t stop us from having a good time! In fact, these concoctions are guaranteed to make you happier and bouncier (and we’re not just talking about your hair).

What exactly are hair cocktails? We’re so glad you asked; they’re a combination of one or more “spirits” (products) mixed together. Just like a traditional cocktail, you’re mixing ingredients for a final result; like a Margarita, Mojito, or Long Island iced tea- they’re made with different liquors, bitters, and juices to make a refreshing cocktail… And that’s exactly the kind of idea behind a cocktail for your hair!

Because #HairGoals is our middle name, we want nothing more than to give our readers the best of the best; whether it’s products, advice, or hot tools, you’ll be sure to find something to help you achieve your dream hair.

Cocktails that never fails

The best part about hair cocktails is that you’re blending two great products and putting them together to create a desired look. For example, to achieve theBeach Look, take our 2-in-1 Whip, which does wonders for your hair (curly, straight, or wavy), and mix it with our incredible Blow out Lotion. That way, you’re blending the products to give you a desired style, aka, the “Beach Look“. Our whip is light, airy, and holds your curls together (without the stiff, crunchy aftereffect). Meanwhile, the blowout lotion is thicker, and jam-packed with nutrients that help seal the moisture in your hair, while allowing for more natural movement and extra hydration on the ends. Blending these two will give you the benefits of both, and you’ll be able to strut your mermaid-like hair anyplace, any time- looks of envy guaranteed.

There are many more “looks” you can attempt by using our cocktail mixes; We have the Loose Curl Cocktail, the Smoothing Cocktail, and much more. We know how important proper haircare and products are when attempting to achieve a certain style, so we did all the hardworking of mixing and matching for you!

How sweet of us, we know 😉

Quick Tip

You always want to make sure that the products you’re mixing compliment each other. Sometimes, the ingredients that are in one product tend to contradict with the other product’s and it causes more of a mess than it does a life-saving concoction. But that’s alright! We learn by doing, do we not? And that’s exactly what we did. We learned exactly which products we could mix so that you, our lovely readers, can learn from our mistakes, and get envy-worthy hair in a single try.