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What it is

Before we get into why and how this keratin serum is heaven-sent, let us explain what keratin is.

Keratin is the type of protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails; it can also be found in your internal organs and glands (nice). A protective protein that’s far less prone to scratching or tearing than other types of cells your body produces. And since keratin is the structural building block of your hair, many believe that supplements, products, and treatments containing this powerful protein can help strengthen your hair and make it look a whole lot healthier.

And that’s exactly what our Advanced Keratin Serum does.

Nourish & Reduce Frizz

You read that right, dear reader. With our serum, you can say “au revoir” to frizz, and “hellooooo” to nourishment.

How? We’ll tell you- the serum allows for the cuticle to seal and lock in all the good stuff, so your hair is drinkin’ up the protein that makes it hydrated and bouncy. And because of that extra hydration, and well-tended hair cuticle, it keeps the frizz away.

The best part, too? It’s UV protectant! So you don’t have to worry about the sun’s rays ruining your color and dulling your shine.

Infused with Keratin and Algae Extract

Ingredients are vital when it comes to choosing the right hair products. That’s why we believe in the quality and potency of the things we use to make our magic products. The Keratin protein promotes healthier-looking hair, while the algae extract nourishes your tresses from root to tip.

So when you put this stuff on, your hair is getting all the nourishment and love it needs throughout the day. Pretty neat, huh?

Plus, you’ll find that it’s jam-packed with Pro Vitamin B5- a vitamin that’s essential to adding shine and thickness to your hair. And who doesn’t want healthier, shinier, and thicker hair? That’s what we thought.

NO parabens, NO sulfates

We’re here to help your hair, not damage it further. What many haircare companies don’t tell you is that, sure, adding parabens and sulfates can mask the appearance of damaged hair (for a short amount of time), but with prolonged use, you’ll end up with broken and brittle hair that becomes dependent of these damaging products.

It’s almost as if your hair begins to build a tolerance to the bad products and the ingredients they use, so you’ll end up using more (and spending more), only to find that your hair isn’t necessarily getting healthier. It’s all an illusion.

Ready to make the switch?

Obtaining and maintaining healthy hair is a journey, but a very fulfilling one. Once you make the switch to organic and high-quality haircare, you will be able to see and feel the difference. And not only you, but others will notice too.

At this point, you know what cheap hair products actually do for your hair; and you know that in the long run, you will end up spending more just to fix the damage it’s done. So why not finally invest in yourself, your hair, and your health, and get something that’s worthwhile? Think of it this way: by spending your hard earned money on quality products, you won’t have to use as much (because it’s so concentrated and potent), and over time, your hair will only get healthier, stronger, and hydrated (and certainly not chemical-dependent).

They say that beauty is pain, and if there’s one thing we know here at PIAM, it’s that natural and organic beauty are fun. So do what’s best for you, boo. We can already see you shinin’ from here.





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