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We probably don’t realize how much of an effect shampoo has one our hair. Using the proper products, with the right ingredients, is a necessary part of your hair’s journey toward being healthy and strong. Don’t believe us? Read along.

There are many things that we’re doing that’s impacting the growth and glow of our tresses, but shampoo is probably the number one culprit. We think that if we use the right treatment, and go easy on the heat styling, it will help. And sure, it does… But when you’re consistently using a product that’s making your hair more dull over time, then there’s really no point in buying all those other products when the 10 steps you just took forward, are back-tracked heavily once you use a shampoo with ingredients of lower quality.

Remember: quality over quantity- always. It’s better to have a few great products than too much junk.

Check the ingredients

We’re told that your shampoo has to bubble excessively in order to work properly, but that’s really not the case. The foaming agent that’s found in most shampoos is called sulfate. And what sulfate does is clean things. But like, really clean things. So much so, that it’s actually stripping your hair of all of it’s natural oils, making it dull, brittle, and weak over time. So make sure to find shampoos that explicitly state that they’re free of harmful chemicals, like this one.
So if it’s not foaming, don’t worry. A good shampoo will do its job either way.

Don’t over-wash

The number one thing experts always tell us is to not wash our hair so much. Space it out between 2-3 days, or if you have drier hair, every 4-5. This allows your hair time to distribute all the natural and essential oils your scalp produces throughout your hair. By over-washing it, you could stop this process and in turn, make your hair too dry, to the point where it snaps due to breakage (and we do NOT want breakage, we want growth and strength).
It’s ok to rinse and repeat every so often, but don’t do it every single time you shampoo your hair unless you feel like you really need to. This keratin-infused shampoo will do all the necessary work for you, trust us. Plus, it’ll hydrate, nourish, and protect it.

Use only a little

The best thing about quality hair products is that ya don’t need much in order for it to work. and do its magic. This shampoo is packed with potent ingredients that are able to penetrate deep into the individual hair follicles and hydrate it from the inside out. And when it comes to hair health, we all know how important proper hydration and nourishment goes into it.
Because the ingredients are potent, strong, and nourishing, using a quarter-sized amount each time you shampoo your hair will make the product last even longer than you’d imagine. You’re investing in your hair, and you’re also getting your money’s worth.

Shampooing properly and using the right products does wonders for your hair. So much so that you’ll be amazed as to why you didn’t know sooner.


So keep doin’ you, keep bein’ the best version of yourself that you can be, and remember to treat yo’ hair right.