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We’ve All Been There…

Remember what it was like being a kid? There was no rent or mortgage, and all the free toys, clothes, and food we could ask for! We received allowances for chores, and our only worries were returning to school or being stuck in the house with our grandmother watching soap operas.

And speaking of back to school, think about your daily routine between September and June! Mom would put out your clothes, do your hair, make your breakfast, cart you right off to your first classroom, and would be at your last to pick you up later. The new hashtag, adulting, makes us all occasionally reminisce those glory days, and think how different our day to day activities have become.

Two and a half months of vacation is over! Some of us are lucky if we get weekends off. If we sleep through our alarm, no one’s there to wake us. We start choosing our outfits the night before because we know it’ll take us forty-five minutes to decide on one if we wait until the next day. Starbucks becomes an extension site of your kitchen; you can’t seem to make time for a bowl of cereal, but can run through your PayPal funds while seeking a mobile order pickup.

Upon stumbling over yourself nearly a thousand times, whizzing down in the interstate, with coffee and laptop in hand, by the skin of your teeth you finally arrive at work! Only to realize your coworkers’ puzzling stares stemmed from the fact that your hair is standing up atop of your head. GREAT!

Now comes the walk of shame to the restroom where you’ll fix yourself up, head back to your area, and pray all of their memories are somehow erased of you looking like A Nightmare on Office Street.

While beauty is pain, it takes too long sometimes, and we need ways or styles that don’t soak up what small amount of time we do have in the mornings to get ready for our workday.

You can complete the following looks within five minutes or less. Don’t thank me, get to work on time!

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Styles That SAVE (the day)

How about a half and half not just in your coffee, but on your head! Create a cute twist and messy bun right at the crown of your head after sectioning the hair in half. Because twists add texture, you want to make sure the hair left down has some, too. Why not produce some soft, flowy beach waves? Save the curling iron for another day, and apply some volumizing spray!

Faux bobs are classy and appropriate for all occasions. Increase the volume by teasing your hair, and proceed with applying a tiny braid at the center of your nape. Use stable hairpins to secure your work.
Still, at the nape, collect a more massive amount of hair and create another low braid. Be sure to leave out the front sections. Pin the tail end of that braid underneath the rest of the hair before moving on. Lastly, add some loose curls to the hanging tresses nearest your face, and don’t forget the hairspray!

Nothing seems more relaxed than a ponytail, and who says yours has to be a traditional one? Try the twisted ponytail! Part your ponytail into two sections, and twist one section before coiling it around the other section.


Hurry, hurry! The clock is ticking! Good luck!