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Here’s An Idea…

When we think headbands, some of us may shutter and grimace while reflecting on our elementary school portraits. They were velveteen or plastic pests that pinched behind the ears, and we couldn’t wait until they were no longer included in our wardrobe accessories as we age.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Who wears headbands anymore?” Try Kate Middleton, Lupita Nyong’o, and Salma Hayek! They’re no second-graders, and their inner glows call for any spotlight to fall on them.

Somehow, someway, headbands are back by popular demand! And this time, if you give them a chance, you too can appear red-carpet-ready wherever you go and not have to worry about looking as though you’ve just finished fighting over animal crackers on the playground.

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Wow Them With Your Creativity!

Summer is here, and we want air upon air, and even more air! How can we get it when the hair on our heads is swallowing our faces? You guessed it! Put on that headband!

Scarfs Can Be Headbands, Too!

Or better yet, how about a scarf? I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t mean winter scarves. I mean the ones that girls used to tie around one of their ankles, a parent pet peeve, I’m sure.

If your hair naturally falls flat, section your hair, and apply a dry shampoo to create texture. And if volume is one of your strong suits, then you’ve got no worries!

Crease the scarf a few inches wide. Elevate your hair and center the scarf just at the back of your head, closest to the nape.

Tuck away your double knot by tying the scarf at the crown of your head. Splash on some of that ’80’s flare and create a cute bow to finish off the look.

Got Lots of Hair & Some Braid Skills?

For those of you ladies that might think today’s headbands still aren’t cool enough to wear, try this one for size? Construct a headband using your hair! Braids are beautiful, and about anyone can wear them. So, if you want to channel Pippi Longstocking or a character from Game of Thrones, this style is perfect for you!

Apply two braids to the head upon creating a section in front of the ears. Incline the braids back to give your hairline a defined appearance. Raise the first braid over toward the other side, resting it at the crown of your head. Use bobby pins to hold it in place, and repeat this process with your second braid.

Remember, there are endless options with braids. There’s also halo and fishtail braids, waterfall topknots, and feel free to get hippy with it by wrapping a small braid around the forehead.

Fashion Headbands to Make Your Head Bang (in style)

Super-skinny headbands are not what they used to be, and are so light you hardly remember they are there. Keep your hair sleek and chic as this will draw onlookers’ attention straight to your headband. Create some contrast by investing in lightly colored ones.  It never hurts, and you will still appear to be fashion-forward!

And speaking of which, fashion week models are donning headbands, too. However, theirs are a bit more padded. Not only will it keep the hair off your face, a must have for the summer, but it also makes you look as if you’ve graced a VOGUE or Cosmopolitan cover a time or two in your life. Wear your hair whichever way you desire, for there is no going wrong with this selection!