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Locks in Need of Love?

We know, we know. Dry hair is an epidemic. In a world where it seems that only A-list celebrities are worthy of beautiful hair, we’re all left in search of a magic ingredient that’s gonna give us what we need.

And though there’s no “magic ingredient”, there are some spells and potions that will certainly bring your hair back from the dry deserts of the Sahara.

In order to keep your hair healthy and bouncy, these are the things that will help you achieve optimal #HairGoals…

Follow a Haircare Routine

This is very important! See how it’s in bold? With an exclamation point at the end of it? Yeah, that important.

There is absolutely no way you’re going to get anywhere near the hair of your dreams if you don’t follow a strict hair routine. The steps you take in preserving your hair’s integrity should be practiced daily, as this will increase your hair’s health and durability.

Like a diet, there are certain things we put into our body, and others that we don’t. The same goes for our hair. You never want to use any harsh chemicals that can backtrack your progress, like sulfate or parabens; so make sure to check the ingredients of any product before buying or using them.

  • Start with Shampoo and Conditioner. Remember to stay away from drugstore brands that ruin rather than help your hair. Look for something of good quality, preferably with Keratin protein in it; this is going to help your hair stay nice and smooth from the roots down.Properly shampooing your hair is another thing, same goes for conditioning. All you need is a quarter size of each. For the shampoo, stick to the roots of your hair and get a good massage in, to stimulate hair growth. When conditioning, start at the ends of your hair, since they’re the ones in need of the most TLC. From there, work your way up toward the middle, conditioning the roots with whatever is left on your hands.
  • Don’t stop there, continue the hair love by applying leave in conditioner. This won’t make it stiff and it’ll nourish your locks as they dry. It’s like killing 2 birds with one stone. This is packed with vitamins that nourish your scalp and condition your hair.You can spritz a lil extra on your ends, too. Especially if they’re already showing signs of split ends and dehydration. They will drink this up!
  • You know how future says “F*ck it, mask off”? Yeah well we’re sayin’ “F*ck it, mask on”. There’s nothing we love more than a good treatment for our tresses. We, too, are in search of celebrity-grade hair, and this has helped us get there.Not many people know that treatments are half the work, and you can get salon-quality masks sent right to your door. Can be done biweekly, monthly, or whenever needed. Save some miles and hydrate at home!

Go Easy on the Heat Styling

As much as we’re told to “bring the heat”, we try to cut back on using our hot tools as much as we can. This allows our hair to stay healthier and shinier longer.

But, if you really can’t go without straightening or curling it, we recommend a few things:

  • Blowout Lotion– Please remember to use this before every single blow out. Your hair will thank you, your stylist will thank you, and you will thank you.
  • Thermal Protectant– DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. It’s like going to the beach with no sunscreen. Just don’t do it.
  • Titanium and Ceramic Blended Hot Tools– This blend allows for optimal moisture retention and shine promotion. It doesn’t damage the hair, and never rusts.

Hair Supplements

Yup. Vitamins for your hair. There are tons on the market, with many that go after specific needs. Whether you’re looking for length or strength, hair gummies will aid you in your journey. By taking supplements, your hair is able to cash in on all the benefits that vital nutrients provide.


By following these steps, and living a more hair conscious lifestyle, you can slowly repair what was lost after years of hot styling, damaging highlights, or maltreatment. The beauty of hair? It grows back, and each time we’re given the opportunity to start fresh.