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Age-defying Trends

Who says younger ladies get to have all the fun? Or don the latest trendy hairstyles? The great thing about the beauty industry is that there’s always a look for someone; no matter your walk of life, background, or history. And the best part? It’s constantly evolving- trends and styles change so much over the years that it gives anyone room to play. The idea are vast, and your options are almost infinite.

For most older women, they tend to fall into the same trap. Before the dawn of modern culture, age resembled maturity… and that also meant your hair. Instead of looking like every other middle aged maven, here are some modern and sensible styles for those seeking change:

Balayage Babes

  • Combine a bob with flicked ends to a platinum balayage! Balayage is a method of highlighting that enables you to work without foil. The color is more in-depth at the scalp and gradually gets lighter down the mid-shaft and ends. Platinum balayage on the older ladies go hand-in-hand. If you’ve got natural grays, apply some splashes of color. Blend those silvery tresses with browns or dark blondes, and cut into long layers to achieve a subtle, breezy movement.

Shaggy Hair, Sassy Flair

  • Rewind time, and give yourself the perfect shag! This style, also known as the long layered, is cut at 180 degrees. To achieve this look:
    1. Create five sections across the head, followed by a half-inch subsection at the crown.
    2. Comb the hair upward and cut! Your first one should guide the length of your second half-inch subsection.
    3. Once these sections are together, cut the excess tresses.
    4. Proceed to the left side of the head. Part vertical or horizontal half-inch subsections, and comb up to balance with your guideline from the top section. Repeat this process down the left side until you can no longer reach your guide.
    5. Follow the same steps on the right side of the head. The process would be the same down the back sections as well. **Shags are suitable for long or short hair, so have fun creating those layers**


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Think Tink

  • Pixie cuts are eclectic, spunky, and tons of fun! The pixie agrees with all hair types and textures, and almost anybody can pull it off. Spike it up, and drop some color in the mix for an additional hint of edginess. If you don’t know where to begin, let’s go over each step!
    1. Make sure your hair isn’t completely dry. It’s best to start this cut wearing damp hair. If you’ve got hair past the shoulders, it will be more challenging to remain precise. Starting a pixie on hair that is no longer than shoulder-length would be in your best interest.
    2. By the nape, create a V-shape with your middle and forefingers. Close the hair between those fingers, and cut below the shape itself.
    3. Make a part across the center of the head, dividing the hair at the top from the hair at the bottom. Proceed with cutting the vertical section along the center and back of the head. Next, cut the horizontal parts past the upright.
    4. Got a fine toothcomb handy? Here is where you need it! Comb the hair upward and chip away. Carefully follow the same steps in dealing with the top and sides. One misstep can result in an uneven pixie. No girl wants that!

Long Bob Does the Job

  • Just like Sandra Bullock, you too can rock a sultry and sophisticated lob. “What’s a lob”, you say? Great question; it’s a longer version of a bob cut… cutely nicknamed, the lob! This can be worn down as straight or wavy, parted to the side, as well as in the middle. This versatile look allows you to play with your hair and rock it in any way, shape, or form.
    • Add bangs, for a Zooey Deschanel vibe
    • Or put it up in an effortless ponytail or bun
    • Wear it natural, curly, or crazy- it works either way (trust me).

Silver Foxy Lady

  • A bold and powerful move that gives you spunk and freshness at the same time is to go full silver fox. What’s more dominating and empowering than owning age with grace and style? This color goes great with any style (I’m not kidding)- long, short, medium, pixie; curly, straight, wavy, fine… There is no limit. What truly matters is how you feel inside; because that’s where true beauty lies.


There are many more things a seasoned and sassy lady can do with her hair- so many in fact, I would have to write a novel just to list them all. These simple ideas can kick-start your imagination and allow you to explore the new-found hair of your dreams. It’s mature, sexy, and cool- just like you.