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The Rise and Fall of Drug Store Hair Brands

Now we live in a time where the quick advancement of social media and technology has allowed for information to spread like wildfire. Some bad, some good. With one search and a click, we are able to find details on anything we want. Consumers can now look things up in less than one second, and by doing so, they’re discovering just how bad a cheaper, store bought product can be for your hair.

There’s a reason salons sell specific products that drug stores don’t. Each brand that’s sold at a hair salon has been approved by the hair care professionals that work there. If you truly want your hair to be in tip top shape, then it’s time to dump those $8 bottles full of chemicals, and ask your stylist what they recommend for the longevity and well-being of your hair.

But WHY?

I’m so glad you asked, dear reader. Here’s why:

  • Many drug store brands use high levels of sulfate and silicone. These additives may seem like they’re increasing the shininess of the hair, when in reality, it causes dullness over time.
  • Because of this ^ these brands will often shrink the ingredients label intentionally because they do not want you to read the ingredients.
  • They often dilute and mix their materials with too much water and drying alcohol, not making it as potent (and thus, making you use more).
  • Though some products may mimic salon brands, their ingredients won’t be as high quality or concentrated (again, making you use more).
  • These brands know that most consumers are just plucking a recognizable label off the shelf, allowing them to add ingredients that do more damage than good (that way you have to use and buy more of their product).

Think of the products you put on your hair like the food you ingest. If you continuously eat things fast food, sweets, and overall junk, your body will begin to perish. Same goes for your hair! If you want to maintain healthy, strong hair, investing in the right products will take you from drab to fab- and that’s a guarantee.

You can use this Keratin-infused shampoo and conditioner(used and recommended by stylists) to bring some life and moisture back to your locks:

They’re sulfate, paraben AND cruelty-free products that use strictly organic ingredients.

The Takeaway

With a quality product approved by professionals, you will use less (because it’s potent), and you’ll see long-lasting results (because their ingredients are clean). Sure, you may be paying less for a larger bottle of shampoo, but you will be using more of the product in order to achieve the result you want. At the end of the day, salon products are simply better for your hair. They’re used by industry experts, so there’s a reason it’s more expensive.

Education is the key to success, and knowing more about the substances we put on our body, face and hair only increase the longevity, vibrancy, and elasticity. Remember: knowledge is power, so be sure to research the ingredients and brands before you buy a product.