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What runs the world? Curls! Or… at least we do when we have them under control. Although we have several encounters with admirers who gawk over ringlet tresses, maintenance of curly hair feels like a full-time job to its wearer. Thankfully, with these 5 quick tips, you can tame your mane in no time.

Those of us with this hair type will tell you: beauty is pain, and nothing is ever done overnight. In other words, it takes time and money. Not only do you have to learn the behavior of your hair, but you also need to invest in a bunch of products that to find those that give you the desired result.

It’s all trial and error. Some things will be worth your while, and others a waste of cash. But, you’ll never know until you try! The upkeep of curly hair can be stressful, so much so that you might overlook the simplest of things that may very well be beneficial to you in the long run.

Before you toss everything to the wind and your hair along with it, try a few of these tricks to see if they’ll make a difference.

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  1. Let’s begin with the basics! How do you comb your hair? Downward? Every which way to get it untangled? “What difference does it make,” you ask? Well…how about a world of difference? Combing your hair downward will only compile the knots, making it all the more difficult to breeze through.
    If you comb from the bottom to the top, you’re able to pinpoint each knot and detangle accordingly.
    While we’re on the subject of combs, as you disentangle, always use the wide-tooth ones. Never a brush! Brushes can cause more of a disturbance on your natural curl pattern, whereas wide-tooth combs lessen the disruption.
  2. After a thorough shampoo, don’t forget to condition. It is by far, one of the most important tasks when dealing with curly hair. Within the bends of a curl, the hair is more fragile. Those with straighter hair can be stronger because the same amount of strength lies from one end to the other.
    Because bends within a curl tend to be weaker, conditioning your hair will give your curls the extra strength they need.
  3. We all underestimate the thought of a trim, and although our hair is curly, it doesn’t mean we’re incapable of getting split ends. Unless you’ve got the bizarre impulse to walk around with frizzy hair, you might want to head to your stylist every couple of weeks and get that trim.
  4. The Pineapple is a cute, fun, and free style that not only the famous YouTuber and Instagram celeb occasionally rocks, but is also a companion to curly-haired individuals. Though it’s suitable for any time of day, if you wear your Pineapple to sleep, you’re doing your natural curl pattern a huge favor! It sustains volume and produces defined curls.
    If you want to try a hand at “pineappling” before bed, pull all your hair towards the top of the head, and create a loose ponytail. Use an elastic of your choice, grab hold of a satin hair scarf, and voila!
  5. In the mood for a cocktail? For your hair, silly! Most of us do this anyway, but cocktailing is when you mix at least two haircare products to create your desired results. Not in the mood to be The Curly Professor today? No problem! Serums are great for enhancing curl definition and providing you with smooth, soft curls.