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I may not be able to offer you something old, new, borrowed, or blue, but I will offer you, brides-to-be, some great ideas that are drop-dead gorgeous for your very special day!

Lots of times, while in search of wedding looks, shorter-haired girls may feel left out, and swarmed with pictures of styles they can’t wear due to lack of length. But don’t let that keep you down. A little always goes a long way!  

You may have less hair to play with, but surely your look can stand alone and be just as beautiful. 

If you’re a little on the retro side and want to make a splash, try digging deeply into past decades for some inspiration!

Nothing says vintage like Old Hollywood glam, and what’s more classic than finger waves? All you need to complete this look is right at your fingertips…literally. 

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Although no curling irons are necessary when applying finger waves, you may still use one. But if your hair is too short, do it the old-fashioned way! Channel your inner starlet, and follow the footprints of those matinee idols across the sky. Deeply part the hair one side of your head. Be sure it’s as straight as possible. 

Next, section the hair about an inch equivalent to the part. Each section afterward should be roughly an inch parallel to the previous one. Once your entire head is sectioned, begin the waving process using a comb, a gel, and your fingers. Walk down that aisle as though you came straight from the pages of The Great Gatsby. 

Fewer things are bolder than a pixie cut! It’s the ultimate “I woke up like this” style. Because it speaks for itself, there’s not much you have to. However, if you want to tease your guests and groom, by all means, have fun and make ‘em sweat!

Bring out some volume by blow-drying the top. Your bangs will thank you later on. If you want the reverse, nothing beats a pompadour. You’re still free to blow dry and apply a flat iron to it before sweeping it up and back. Of course, remember to taper the sides. Halle Berry often comes to mind when we think of pixies, and we find ourselves wanting to mirror those spikes. Use a root lifter on the scalp to volumize, and finish it off with the crème de la crème: a styling fiber or clay. But if spikes aren’t your cup of tea, a beautifully sparkled or laced accessory over that pixie will leave stars in your groom’s eyes.