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Makeup Can Take You From Zero To Hero…

Or Hero to Zero, if not Done Properly

For many little girls, makeup is a world that they cannot wait to venture in. Indeed some of us used to try on our mother’s earrings or attempt to walk around in her high heel shoes; therefore, her makeup kit was not off-limits.

Most of the time, she’d always catch us and remove the smeared lipstick from our faces, and yet afterward, we were still curious. As we sat and watched her in adoration, our initial thought was how we could not wait to become big girls so we could begin to play with Mom’s colorful palettes.

Finally, those days have arrived! High school is here, homecoming or prom is within reach, and we sit with Mom, who guides us to an enhanced version of ourselves. College has come and gone, suddenly you’re on your own, and have ultimately mastered your makeup routine, or so you think.

Makeup is a remarkably interchangeable creation, where we hardly use any item or product on one part of the face. It’s so much fun to explore and reap the benefits of each quest, but before you set sail on that kaleidoscopic voyage again, check your blueprints for any discrepancies.

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Tips for Seamless Application

Take heed to the following mistakes you didn’t know you made in terms of applying makeup!

Proper Skincare- Hydrate!

At what time of day do we most likely begin our makeup? In the morning, right? However, before we do that, we must wash our faces! Although it is necessary to wash your face one to two times a day, there is such a thing as over-washing it.

The type of skin you have can reflect its behavior, and if ever you have applied your foundation and noticed flakiness or dryness, it is possible that your face is over-washed. Sometimes, soaps can strip the face of its natural oils, which are needs for your skin in the first place. Be sure to use mild, gentle cleansers to lessen the chances of over-washing.

It’s Called Makeup, not “Cakeup”

Though it may seem obvious, some of us can be heavy-handed with foundation. Granted, the purpose of foundation is to even out the complexion, but people tend to forget all about concealer and believe that foundation covers spots and blemishes. Because of this misunderstanding, girls will cake on their foundation and become one step closer to the Ronald McDonald look. In other words, Bada ba ba ba! Stop doin’ it!

Another misconstrued concept of foundation is that it’s needed all over your face. Sure, you can, but don’t waste product! Apply it to the uneven areas of your face, which generally are under the eyes, cheeks, and the nose. Always remember to choose the correct foundation shade for yourself. No exceptions! If you decide to go a shade lighter, you emphasize fine lines or other imperfections rather than diminish them.

Blend from the face to the neck and ears! Otherwise, it will be apparent to onlookers that you are wearing makeup.

Brown is the new Black Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a big one! To the untrained eye, they all do the same thing, but this cannot be any further from the truth. For starters, not everyone can or at least should wear black eyeliner. Yes, black is almost every girl’s go-to color, but lighter colors eliminate the overall harshness. Those with darker skin can wear black eyeliner, and still, have a natural look to them. If your skin is lighter, brown is your best friend! It’s not uncommon for ladies to apply their eyeliner to their waterlines when they should consider a nude pencil. This trick makes the opens the eye, which results in a broader appearance. Take the easy road,  and keep those liquid liners at best to three-quarters of your upper eyelid.

Mascare for Your Lashes

Mascara, mascara! It’s the thing that can either make or break your process. If it doesn’t somehow bleed under your eyes, it has the nerve to get clumpy! If your mascara’s less than three months old and you are experiencing clumps, then you’re using too much of it. No more than two coats should be applied. Remember, it’s mascara, not ma-scary!

Purchasing mascara that is two shades darker than your eyebrows is always best. And for God’s sake, only use waterproof mascara in the summer! As I’m sure you can already tell, the process of removal is similar to pulling teeth. In your frustrating pursuit, you can cause damage to your eyelashes. Notice, I only suggested waterproof mascara in the summer, and not all year round. It can defend against sweat or tears. So, the next time you are watching The Notebook or some other romantic chick flick, you can wipe away your tears smudge free!