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So, you wand-a curl your hair

Have no fear reader, in today’s post, we will be going over the difference between a traditional curling iron, and clamp-less hair wands. If you’re struggling to find which one will suit you better, then read along! You might just find your new favorite hot tool 😉

A short hair history lesson:

Curling irons have been used for a long, loooooong time in the beauty industry, going back thousands of years. Our ancestors used to heat a rod over fire, and then apply it to their hair for some volume and bounce. Of course, because they couldn’t necessarily control the heat, their hair was most likely damaged; but like, really damaged. Yikes.

Then came the victorian era, and the industrial revolution; so inventors got inventin’ and they created: The Curling Rod. Complete with a clamp, 6-7 inches long and 2 inches wide. Stylists back then would test the temperature of the rods by clamping down on a piece of paper. Without proper control of the heat, they wanted to make sure their clients’ hair wouldn’t burn off at the first use, so a quick spot test was needed. But imagine that, though. Imagine having to test the heat, and still running the risk of severely damaging your hair. Issa no thank you from us, we prefer our rods controlled, and safe for repeated use (gotta love technological advancements).

It wasn’t until the 80’s when a portable, heat-controlled iron was created. Finally! People didn’t have to visit a hair salon just for some waves and curls. Now, they could do it from the comfort of their own home! But still, the types of material used to create the iron not only damaged hair (not as bad as before), but it also burned your fingers if you touched it in the slightest.

Sidenote: we remember playing with our mom’s curling irons from the late 80’s and early 90’s, only to end up with the smell of burned hair and charred fingertips. Love it (sarcasm intended).

Last, but not least, the invention of ceramic blends, titanium rods, and more hit the shelves. Within the last decade we’ve seen an increase of curling tools made, each one safer, better, and stronger than the last.

The Curling Iron

Curling irons are great, as we all know. They give you beautiful coils without the extra damage. Most have heat control settings, which is great.

Now the main difference is the clamp. If you find that you do not want to hold on to your hair as it sits around the rod for a few seconds, the clamp is there to hold it in place. But do keep in mind: if not used properly, the clamp can and will leave a mark on your hair. Which, ew. That’s not what we want. So be sure to either ask a stylist how to use it properly, or really get to know your iron, and find the best way to avoid those awful-looking marks on your hair.

The Hot Wand

Honestly, nothing beats the invention of the hot wand- nothing! The best part about our 3-in-1 Wand is that it’s not only made with an exclusive blend of titanium and ceramic, but it doesn’t include the clamp, so your hair stays mark-free and bouncier than you can imagine.

What we love love love about this wand is that is not only comes with 3 different sizes (so you can create many different looks), but it nourishes your hair while you style it. Don’t ask us how, it’s practically magic- that’s all you need to know (and a magician never reveals their secrets).

… Alright, alright. We’ll tell you! Just click here to learn more about it- ya won’t regret it!

Now, the thing about this wand is that it’s easy to use. In your first try, you’ll just how simple it is to coil your hair around the rod, hold onto the ends as you wait literally 5 seconds (longer, if you got a thicker section), and BOOM- curls for days, baby! You can ask a stylist how to use it, if you’re unsure about it, but if you check out our page, you will see a video beneath it instructing you how to use it and how to achieve different looks. Did we mention it also comes with a glove, so your fingers stay burn free? Yeah. Game changer.

It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s highly convenient. What more could you want? A million dollars? Us, too… But for now, we’ll take envy-worthy hair instead.

The takeaway:

Both the curling iron and hot wand are essential for creating wavy and curly-haired looks. But at the end of the day, the wand is our favorite. Simply because it’s so easy to use, it doesn’t include a confusing clamp, and it’s interchangeable since it comes with 3 different rod sizes.

No matter what you choose, it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Now all you gotta do is get one and start struttin’ some new styles, you fabulous human being.