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Not all hope is lost

As we all (begrudgingly) know, the only way to fix damaged hair is to cut it off. And if you’re like the rest of us, you seem to have an emotional attachment to your hair- which, hey. Comp;etely understandable. 

So, if you’ve searched high and low for something, anything, that’ll bring moisture back to your parched ends, don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing(s) for you. 

But before we get into the products that’ll quench your hair’s thirst, let’s talk a little bit about Hair Health:

Start from the inside out

What most people don’t realize about their hair is that it needs more love than anything on our bodies- more than our nails, skin, and body. Once the hair reaches the midsection of your head, it’s basically dead; so it’s up to you to make it look less like a Corpse Bride, and more like the healthy, bouncy hair of your dreams. 

There are many supplements one can take for their hair- SugarbearHair is a great example of this. If you have the time, patience, and willingness to treat your hair from the inside out, invest in some good supplements. It doesn’t even have to be just for your hair- there are biotin and collagen pills that help with the elasticity of our skin as well as our mane (and who wouldn’t wanna keep looking fresh and young?). 

What we put into our bodies shows itself in our hair, skin, nails, and body. So make sure to be a little more conscious of what goes into it. We know, McDonald’s fries sound really good on Friday night… but your hair won’t be thanking you later on. 

Let’s get to it:

“Quick fixes” only help mask the appearance of dead, disheveled hair. But if you put your money where your mouth is, and invest in good quality products, it’ll do more than just a quick fix- it’ll begin replenishing and hydrating your hair more and more each time you use it.


First thing’s first (we’re the realest), eliminate any products that may have sulfate or parabens in them. If you’re unaware, these can be harmful to your hair as well as your health (yikes). 


Second, after dumping all your toxin-filled products, and washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, get a shampoo and conditioner that hydrates your hair without stripping it of all its essential oils, like these two:


Don’t stop there, your hair still needs more love. So continue down the path to healthier hair by applying a generous amount of this keratin treatment mask:This mask is thick and creamy, leaving your hair soft, moisturized and happy. Pro Tip: rinse with cold water, so your hair follicles close up and lock in as much moisture as possible. 



Once you’re done with the treatment mask, go on and spritz some leave in conditioner, as well as this life-saving serum, hand-crafted by the gods onto your damp hair:With these products, you’re already on track toward becoming America’s Next Top Model. Serving serious hair envy doesn’t stop there (of course). If you’re like us and love the look of blown out hair, make sure to protect your hair from the heat. Because then all the steps you just took will have been for nothing. 



This blow out lotion is our absolute favorite, and it smells incredible:

You can even add some of this smoothing serum, too:

It’s perfect for retaining moisture while you blow out, straighten, or curl your hair with hot tools.


Want ever more shine and protection for your damaged ends? Look no further, our absolute favorite silk spray will do just that for you:



Beautiful hair is all about maintenance…

Or should we say MANEtenance (heh heh). But in all seriousness, if you want your hair to look like it does every time you walk out of the salon, then keep up with it, honey. It ain’t gonna fix itself.