Having healthy hair may seem like a bit of a stretch, especially if you lighten it with color, heat style it, or do too much to it on a regular basis. What’s important is the maintenance, and the steps you take in order to keep it healthy.

Deep conditioning it once a week is something you can do, but if you’re wanting to save it and/or have a tighter budget, here are 3 FREE ways to keep up with the karda- I mean, your hair:

Brush it out

Brush it out before washing it. This will help loosen up any dirt and grime, as well as removing any tangles. It’ll make brushing your hair when it’s wet a LOT easier. Just for reference, wet hair is up to 50% more elastic than dry hair, so tangles on wet hair will stretch and tear faster than dry hair will. When brushing, make sure to start at the bottom, so you don’t brush all the knots down into one giant knot (which then forces you to cut your hair prematurely).


When conditioning, let the conditioner sit in your hair for a few minutes. This allows the product the time it needs to work and soften up the hair shaft. Do this: wet hair, shampoo, let shampoo sit, rinse and repeat if necessary, apply conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, rake through it with your fingers, let sit for 2 minutes, and rinse in cold water.


BUT WAIT– don’t rinse all of the conditioner. Instead of removing 100% of it with cold water, leave about 10% of it on. You ever rinsed your hair clean of all products and it feels squeaky and stiff? Yeah, that’s because all the moisture from the conditioner is gone; so try to still have it feel kind of silkier, but not too much where your hair is still heavy with conditioner.

Extra Tip

This costs nothing, it’s just about taking extra steps to ensure your hair stays as healthy as possible. Always always always brush with a wet brush, and DON’T be rough with it. Now go out there and show us what true hair envy is.