Educational Testimonials

It was a pleasure to sit through their presentation. Two thumbs up!

Juliet K.
Miami, FL

Don’t go through your cosmetology program without their shows at Pretty in a Minute. It is SO necessary.

Nicolette M.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

As an aspiring hair stylist, this presentation was so inspirational. Now I can’t wait to finish my program and get into the field!

Karen F.
Pembroke Pines, FL

Three words: I loved it!

Tracy N.
Newark, NJ

I loved every second. Fun, exciting, and educational.

Kimberly I.
Memphis, TN

I was so happy after sitting through that presentation. Just the excitement I needed.

Lindsey H.
Kendall, FL

I hope my school brings this presentation to our school every year. It’s so fun and informational!

Michelle D.
Ft. Myers, FL

If you are in cosmetology school, you NEED to make sure your school has these presentations apart of your curriculum because it is such a great addition!

Lauren L.
Atlanta, GA

Somewhere in between great and fantastic is how I would describe that presentation!! Great job.

Lourdes J.
Sarasota, FL

Pretty sure this presentation helped get me through my exams. This was the excitement and motivation I needed during such a stressful time.

Bria W.
Tallahassee, FL

I loved every moment of their presentation! The platform artist was sweet, funny, and so energetic.

Latoya L.
Jacksonville, FL

Great presentation. Very professional, relatable, exciting, and inspirational.

Crystal K.
Tampa, FL

Who knew something as simple as an exciting presentation would be just the “umph” my classmates and I needed to get back excited about our program? Thank you for this!

Taylor R.
Plantation, FL

Pretty in a Minute’s presentations have become a yearly thing for our school. We love partnering with them and offering this fun and upbeat bonus to our students!

Jasmine W.
Atlanta, GA

I know that I can speak for my entire class when I say that THIS WAS THE BEST PRESENTATION YET!

Tierra H.
Savannah, GA

This was great! If only they could be at my school everyday with their presentations!

Jackie S.
Miami, FL

Super fun and informational. I would love to see them come back later this semester.

Brooke W.
Los Angeles, CA

I felt an upbeat energy the entire time. Not only was there valuable information in the presentation, but it was a great complement to the lectures we had at the time.

Amy T.
Washington, DC

Very informational, motivating, and fun presentation.

Pamela T.
Melbourne, FL

Our students loved Pretty in a Minute’s platform artist. We plan on bringing them back every year to motivate our students!

Tammy A.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I’m so happy my school provided us with this. Sometimes, it gets tiring being in the routine of coming to school everyday and this presentation was just the kick I needed to get me excited again!

Samantha A.
Richmond, VA

Whoa is all I can say! What a great thing Pretty in a Minute is doing. After their presentation, I felt more inspired and now my mind is racing with different ways I can succeed as a hairstylist!

Joanna K.
Melbourne, FL

The presentation felt like a fun and interactive way to learn new techniques. It was refreshing to see someone come in and be so excited to talk about hair styling!

Ashley M.
Dallas, TX

The presentation was so upbeat and fun. I would love to have something like this all the time to help keep me inspired!

Jackie F.
Laurel, MD

Pretty in a Minute’s platform artists were so lively! They motivated me to finish my program so that I could begin working as a hairstylist.

Marie S. Ft.
Lauderdale, FL