Straight Hair Will Make You Pretty In A Minute For Fall 2018

What’s the hot hair style for fall 2018 that will have you looking Pretty in a Minute?

The trend that has shown up on runways and at award shows is super-straight hair, so plug in your 1.25-inch Classic Flat Iron or 2-inch Keratin Smart Flat Iron and get ready to be on trend.

Super straight hair started showing up last year and isn’t going anywhere this autumn, according to InStyle magazine

The trend includes every length of hair from short bobs to very long hair, with some medium lengths in-between. Flat irons are the must-have styling tool, and and 1990s hair accessories are also making a comeback.

The super-straight look is simple, elegant and polished.

“The ‘90s are on trend and influencing fashion on the runways which means straight hair is back along with it,” said Jon Reyman, co-founder of Spoke & Weal Salons, in InStyle. “The textured undone waves have been on trend for several seasons and this 90’s sleek look gives woman versatility and a simple way to switch up their look.”

To wear your hair super straight, get it cut dry, experts recommend, to get a crisp, accurate length and  and straight so that you have an accurate length with strong, crisp lines.

Experts also recommend applying a heat protectant before using a flat iron such as the 1.25-inch Classic Flat Iron or 2-inch Keratin Smart Flat Iron from Pretty in a Minute.

InStyle showed pictures of the trend on the 2018 Oscars red carpet, including on Taraji P. Henson and Nicole Kidman.

And those ’90s accessories? If you lived through the ’90s, you might not believe that these trends have come back. They include stretch combs, wide stretch headbands, and even banana clips and scrunchies. So if you still have any of those at the bottom of your drawer, it might be time to re-introduce them to the light of day.