Pretty In A Minute Keratin Smart 2 inch Flat Iron


Keratin Smart 2″ inch Flat Iron is a salon quality tool that will allow you to style your hair like a pro. Styles will last longer because of the keratin infuse which will leave your hair looking shiny, frizz-free, and silky soft. This product works best on medium to long hair.  If you’re in need of healthy beautiful hair then this product is a must buy! Pretty in a Minute is proud to present the salon professional styling iron.

  • Straighten Any Hair (Damp or Dry)
  • Suitable For Keratin Treatment
  • 2″ Inches of Keratin Smart Infusion
  • Straighten and Smooth away Frizz
  • Keratin Complex

This professional styling iron has some of the most advanced technology available, incorporating a titanium ceramic heating element, infrared, negative ion technology, and the unique floating plate design for professional and effective results.

This stylish professional iron has a titanium ceramic heating element and can reach an optimal temperature of 450°F 230°C. Not only does it heat up in 10 seconds, but the temperature will remain constant throughout use. Infrared and negative ion Nano silver technology, as well as natural quality of the titanium ceramic will prevent drying and damage to the hair. It helps seal the hair’s natural moisture and essential natural oils. Being small, lightweight and easy to use, the Pretty in a Minute titanium ceramic professional styling tools will give you the ability to create a variety of styles from straightening, curling, waves and even flips.




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  • 100% Titanium Ceramic floating plates.
  • onic nano silver technology kills 99.9% bacteria.
  • Far infra red technology.
  • Seal and lock in moisture and the hair’s essential oils.
  • Eliminates frizz and fly-aways.
  • Promotes smoother, silkier hair.
  • Renews softness, luster and shine.
  • Deep, long lasting straight or curly hair that retains for days.
  • Reduces the amount of time to achieve professional results.
  • eats up in 10 seconds.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design with no-slip grip.
  • Two hour automatic shut off

When using electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed. Thank you very much for buying the latest intelligent titanium ceramic styling iron presented by Pretty in a Minute. To use the appliance correctly and safely, it is very important that the user read the below instructions thoroughly before using.

  • Do not use the device if it is defective or the cord is damaged. If the device is not working properly, first check the plug and then check that the main electric supply is switched on.
  • NEVER use the device in water or other liquids. NEVER use the device near the bathtub, shower, containers full of water, or any other damp place. NEVER use it with bare feet or when hands and feet are wet.
  • Do not place the hot straightener in plastic or any material sensitive to heat.
  • The LED lights will remain on while the product is switched on and while in use.
  • Wait until the plates reach the setting temperature to carry out styling and use it correctly by holding it by the handle when styling.
  • To use, please put wet or dry hair between the two plates. Press on handle to close the straightener, and then slide it down towards the end of the hair.
  • Once you have finished styling, please unplug the hair straightener and let it cool down completely before storing it away.
  • Never wrap the power cord around the hair straightener when it is hot.
  • Do not touch the hair straightener plates when it is hot.
  • Always be careful not to burn yourself when styling.
  • Always unplug the device when it is not in use.
  • Do not use the device for any other purpose than its intended use.
  • Before caring out any cleaning or maintenance, please be sure the device is unplugged and has cooled down.

Authentic Pretty in a Minute professional styling tools are guaranteed to be free of defects and mechanical errors for one year from the date of purchase (extended warranties may be purchased through our website or through our student program). All products must be registered online at our website within 90 days of purchase to activate the warranty.
Please save your receipt or email registration confirmation as proof of purchase. Warranty coverage is based on tools on an individual basis., Not per kit. If defects or mechanical errors occur between 90 days of purchase, all processing fees will be waived. We understand that as professionals in the beauty industry, that your time and money are valuable. We at Pretty in a Minute committed to processing any and all issues within 2-5 business days of receiving confirmed payment, damaged item (if required), and verifying warranty coverage of your styling tool. All replacement items are guaranteed to be new, non-refurbished styling tools, but may be shipped without original packaging.
This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident, improper use, abuse or use of unauthorized attachments. We cannot honor a warranty for any Pretty in a Minute product purchased from an unauthorized distributor. Warranty coverage begins on date of purchase and is not extended when replacement item is received. If we no longer carry an item still under warranty, a comparable item will be used as replacement.


If you have your receipt or email registration confirmation, and do not want to send the product back to us, this is the most convenient option for you. Please visit our warranty tab at to process your claim. You will be asked upload a photo or short video of the damaged item, along with a photo of your receipt for email registration confirmation. Make sure to fill out all required information including your name, phone number, mailing address and email address as well as detailed information on the nature of the issue. You will need to make a secure online payment:

  • $19.99 If 1 year or less from the date of purchase
  • $29.99 Between 1-2 years from the date of purchase
  • $39.99 If 2 years or longer from the date of purchase
  • No Fee If 90 days or less from the date of purchase

Please note: After all processing is complete you will be required to send this final picture of your product with the cord cut before your replacement item will be shipped. Please make sure the item is not plugged in into any electrical outlet before cutting the cord.

Please note:

  • If returning the product, we highly recommend shipping your package through a traceable shipping method that will allow delivery confirmation.
  • Please always retain a copy of the receipt or email registration confirmation for your own records, as it will be required to easily process any warranty submission.
  • Our warranty fees cover return shipping and handling fees within the Continental United States. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada or other International customers may be subject to additional duties and taxes.
  • For all products with signs of abuse (such as: cracked plates, broken plates, noticeable physical damage, or water damage) an additional fee of $9.99 will be applied. All payments are in USD (United States Dollars). Forms of payment excepted are Credit or Debit Card.

9 reviews for Pretty In A Minute Keratin Smart 2 inch Flat Iron

  1. Pamela C.

    I will never buy another flat iron again. This is the best I have used and it lasts super long, doesn’t damage your hair, and it leaves your hair feeling healthy as opposed to other flat irons that leave your hair feeling crunchy and dead.

  2. Heather K.

    I love this product.
    It is great on my thick, curly hair. It gives me such a silky finish, I AM IN LOVE!

  3. Keyva W.

    I appreciate this product.
    As someone with super curly and thick hair, I appreciate this product. It dries my hair bone straight without damaging my curls.

  4. Karina J.

    It gets the job done!
    This was the flat iron I purchased to begin working on clients with and WOW. I am so satisfied and so are my clients.

  5. Hope

    Really well made Iron, super smooth and lightwieght

  6. Forexbow

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