Pretty in a Minute Epic Cordless Clipper


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Create the hairstyle you want with this Epic Cordless Clipper hair cutting kit to help you create a custom cut. The titanium and ceramic blades are removable and easy cleaning. This product has a powerful, long-lasting cutting performance which eliminates the need for frequent recharging!
  • Exclusive Japanese, titanium and ceramic blades.
  • Long-lasting motor.
  • Powerful and quiet.
  • Cord or cordless for operation.
  • Extra long cord.
  • Includes brush and oil.
  • Great for cutting wet or dry hair, at any hair lengths.
  • 8 guards : 3mm (1), 6mm (2), 9mm (3) & 12mm (4),
    16mm (5), 18mm (6), 24mm (7), 28mm (8).

Customer Reviews

  1. I use this product and WOW!
    Whenever my clients want a short cut with clipped sides, I use this product and WOW! My clients always leave so satisfied.
    Philadelphia, PA

    Gina A.

  2. I’m a barber and these clippers are the best.
    I love how sharp the blades are because it cuts hair so easily, which makes my client’s appointments short and sweet.
    Washington, DC

    Adam D.

  3. I used an Oster for a while which I liked,
    but a buddy at the shop let me try his Pretty in a Minute clippers when my Oster died. The Pretty in a Minute is better in almost every way. My buddy said his has been going strong for years, so I switched. I am glad I did.
    Baltimore, MD

    Jay L.

  4. I got these clippers for my boyfriend and he is obsessed!
    Brooklyn, NY

    Yasmine M.

  5. These are the best clippers I have ever used.
    Miami, FL

    Damon B.

  6. If you use clipper regularly, you know how they can get dull quick and make it harder to get the right results.
    When I brought these, I realized that all clippers are NOT made the same. These are precise and sharp. Great purchase.
    Indianapolis, IN

    Logan T.

  7. You need these if you are a stylist or barber! Best clippers.
    North Miami Beach, FL

    Henry K.

  8. Great investment. Very satisfied!
    Galveston, TX

    Sean L.

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