Product Testimonials

I love this. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Felicia H.
Bowie, MD

I use this on my clients and they are always mentioning how they love the results from this straightening tool. If they’re happy, I’m happy!

Brittney O.
Miami Gardens, FL

Don’t get caught slipping without this in your kit! This is a great product for all hair types.

Irene G.
Richmond, VA

I can’t live without this! Especially with my curly hair, this straightening comb does the trick each time.

Ariana M.
Stamford, CT

Great addition to your heating tools as a stylist.

Gina P.
Baltimore, MD

Great investment. Very satisfied!

Sean L.
Galveston, TX

You need these if you are a stylist or barber! Best clippers.

Henry K.
North Miami Beach, FL

If you use clipper regularly, you know how they can get dull quick and make it harder to get the right results. When I brought these, I realized that all clippers are NOT made the same. These are precise and sharp. Great purchase.

Logan T.
Indianapolis, IN

These are the best clippers I have ever used.

Damon B.
Miami, FL

I got these clippers for my boyfriend and he is obsessed!

Yasmine M.
Brooklyn, NY

The best! You won’t regret buying this.

Carla P.
Manhattan, NY

I have been struggling finding the right flat iron. I finally caved and purchased this one after a friend recommended it to me. Now I swear by it!

Olivia F.
New York, NY

Ever since I began using this on my clients, the quality of my work has improved. I’m so happy I brought this!

Wilma R.
Daytona Beach, FL

This flat iron is great for any length hair

Ashley O.
Miami, FL

No words needed. Try this out for yourself and you will see how amazing your hair turns out.

Khia Q.
Tampa, FL

Not only was shipping super fast, but I love this blow dryer! So so satisfied.

Amber U.
Raleigh, NC

Great investment. You won’t regret it.

India K.
Atlanta, GA

This blow dryer single handedly made me move quicker with clients. It’s like I have them in and out in no time with how quick this dries hair,

Kammy Y.
Jackson, MS

This blow dryer puts all others to shame!

Lydia T.
Orlando, FL

This is the fastest drying blow dryer I have ever used.

Stacey D.
Wilmington, DE

If you have curly hair and struggle finding the right flat iron to straighten your hair, this is the best one yet!

Camille B.
Philadelphia, PA

I got this as a gift from my grandmother and she has great taste! This is the best quality flat iron I have ever had.

Natalia M.
Baltimore, MD

I use this flat iron and feel like a bombshell everytime!

Samantha S.
Miami, FL

I won’t be purchasing any other flat iron. There’s no need, this leaves your hair silky and bouncy.

Amanda C.
Dallas, TX

This flat iron gets your hair straight so easily! The best I’ve had thus far.

Patricia F.
Coral Springs, FL

I love the curls I get from this product every time.

Leslie R.
Oakland, CA

Two thumbs up for this curler. Great quality and results.

Lizbeth P.
Trenton, NJ

Don’t use any other wand curler except for this one. It is the best!

Jessica L.
Boston, MA

This wand curler gives my clients such long lasting curls. I’m satisfied and even more so, my clients.

Nicole C.
Columbia, SC

There’s nothing like a wand curler with different size barrels. So convenient.

Abigail W.
Houston, TX

I love this product. It is great on my thick, curly hair. It gives me such a silky finish, I AM IN LOVE!

Heather K.
West Palm Beach, FL

If you have curly hair, this is the product for you. This product alone preserves my curls without damaging them.

Ashley R.
Miami, FL

This has to be the most versatile hair tool that I own. It does everything it promises to do and so easily. Everyone should buy this!

Hannah I.
Savannah, GA

I used an Oster for a while which I liked, but a buddy at the shop let me try his Pretty in a Minute clippers when my Oster died. The Pretty in a Minute is better in almost every way. My buddy said his has been going strong for years, so I switched. I am glad I did.

Jay L.
Baltimore, MD

I’m a barber and these clippers are the best. I love how sharp the blades are because it cuts hair so easily, which makes my client’s appointments short and sweet.

Adam D.
Washington, DC

Whenever my clients want a short cut with clipped sides, I use this product and WOW! My clients always leave so satisfied.

Gina A.
Philadelphia, PA

This flat iron is worth every penny. Durable, easy to use, heats up fast, and gives my customers beautiful luscious hair.

Nickhayla M.
Palm Bay, FL

To put simply, this flat iron is the BEST! If you want your clients to look great every time, buy this product.

Carolina M.
Memphis, TN

I have natural hair and this flat iron gets me right every time.

Jasmine R.
Miami Gardens, FL

This is the best flat iron to get my edges. It straightens them out without leaving my hair feeling crunchy and with a burnt smell. I recommend this flat iron to everyone I know!

Stacey D.
Brooklyn, NY

My daughter is a new stylist. I brought this as a christmas gift for her and she is in love with it! She used it on me once and my hair came out so beautiful. Definitely worth the investment.

Barbara G.
Houston, TX

Every stylist will tell you that replacing your tools is expensive and sucks. This dryer is super high quality that I doubt I will need to get another for a long, long time. It also feels great in the hand. I will never go back to any other for my clients.

Latoya S.
Ft. Myers, FL

As a stylist, this dryer is everything. It has a long cord that allows me to move around more freely and it dries the hair much quicker than other dryers I have tried.

Patricia R.
Tallahassee, FL

As someone with super curly and thick hair, I appreciate this product. It dries my hair bone straight without damaging my curls.

Keyva W.
Atlanta, GA

I will never buy another flat iron again. This is the best I have used and it lasts super long, doesn’t damage your hair, and it leaves your hair feeling healthy as opposed to other flat irons that leave your hair feeling crunchy and dead.

Pamela C.
Hopewell, VA

This was the flat iron I purchased to begin working on clients with and WOW. It gets the job done and then some! I am so satisfied and so are my clients.

Karina J.
Mobile, AL

This flat iron has taken my silk presses to the next level. Every client I use this on leaves the salon feeling like a new woman!

Camilla R.
New Haven, CT

There’s just something about finding a good curler that is perfectly built, heats up fast, and leaves you with long lasting curls every time. THIS IS THAT PRODUCT!

Carol J.
Miami, FL

I am in LOVE with this wand curler. It is perfect for any hair texture and it curls hair super fast. I love that the glove it comes with is such high quality.

Morgan M.
New Orleans, LA

This wand is the truth! Aside from the versatility in the barrel sizes, the curls you get from this styler are beautiful and last super long.

Margaret H.
Los Angeles, CA