Get the best result out of your #CurlyGirlMethod by following these simple and effective steps. You want to go ahead and start with our Curl Defining Shampoo and Conditioner (use a dime to a quarter sized amount for both- trust us). Lather the shampoo, rinse, and then follow up with the conditioner. Let it sit for about 2 minutes, and then rinse under cold water so that the follicles close up and lock in as much moisture as possible. PIAM TIP: Keep your Curl Defining Conditioner bottle upside down if you can, since the product is so thick and potent, allowing for maximum hydration.

For continued care, go ahead and apply a generous amount of our Keratin Deep Treatment Mask onto your damp hair. Focus mostly on the ends, and work your way up to your roots. Let that sit for about 15 minutes, using a blow dryer for maximum penetration (this allows the follicles to open up and drink up the keratin-infused hydration), and then rinse with cold water, so that your follicles close up and absorb all the moisture. Once you’ve done that, spritz some of our Leave In Conditioner Spray- don’t forget to shake well before use! Apply an even amount throughout your hair and comb through it with your fingers or a wet brush so it gets distributed properly.

Now for styling- go ahead and take our 2-in1- Whip, shake it well, and then apply a small amount on the palm of your hand. Work it through your curls from mid-section to the ends of your hair. Follow up immediately with our Curl Defining Creme, and just like the Whip, start from the mid-section all the way down to your ends, and use any leftover product on the roots, as well. After you’ve done this, you can either air dry, shape your curls, or diffuse it to style, and voila! You’re all set.