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for a Prettier

Follow your dreams,
and turn your passion into income.

Learn from internationally trained stylists, platform artists and educators — and have fun doing it! In class demonstrations not only give you hands on training with hot tools, clippers and tools of the trade, but also help you hone your creative eye and learn how to turn your passion for hair and beauty into a successful, money-making career. You will learn about products, proper techniques, and new skills, but more importantly you will be inspired and empowered with cutting edge trends and styles and have access to stylists that truly understand what it takes to be at the top of the beauty industry. You will even have a chance to win FREE tools from Pretty In A Minute.

A lifetime commitment.

Your Pretty In A Minute purchases come with a lifetime warranty, but our commitment to your future comes with a lifetime promise. We stand by our products, and to your success. Once you have made a purchase with us, you are forever a member of our inner circle. This comes with opportunities for advanced training, future certifications and staying a cut above the rest throughout your career so you can stay on trend, on target and on top of the beauty industry.