Exceeding your

About Us

Pretty In a Minute was developed and built by a team with over a century of experience, ranging from licensed school educators, licensed cosmetologists, and international platform artists alike.

In 2001, frustrated with using inadequate styling implements and accessories, this talented group of professionals bound together with passion and commitment to create a new and innovative line of high performance, professional styling implements and accessories for our industry.

What We Know

Our professional implement and accessories line was designed with the integrity of hair in mind. Our company understands. Most conventional tools on the market today are mainly results driven, having no true intention of preserving the health of the hair. We have partnered with top scientists, developed and patented a groundbreaking technology that has raised the industry standard. We’ve created professional styling implements that nourish the hair while delivering powerful and effective results.

Our Commitment

  • Share our vision of Designing With Hair In Mind.
  • Develop innovative, high performance, styling implements that meet the needs of today’s industry professionals.
  • Deliver the latest trends and techniques to both future and seasoned professionals.
  • Commitment to build and maintain long lasting relationships with cosmetology school owners, students, and staff, and all industry leaders.
  • Set the bar high through the education, motivation, and inspiration we have committed to provide to Cosmetologists across the country daily.