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It’s the most wonderful time of the year,

and I don’t mean Christmas. I’m referring to summer! Warm weather and sunshine keep most of us in a permanently cheerful mood all season long. Not only are the surfers out catching a wave, but we don our short shorts and tank tops with either flowing tresses or cute pixies!

The sun may be up high, but we all are individual beams of light as it bounces off our skin, making it all the more beautiful. But what’s not so radiant is the dull, unflattering appearance we’re susceptible to if we don’t protect ourselves the proper way.  While there’s still some life left in this summer season, it wouldn’t hurt for you to stock up on some tips by means of skincare.

Food and liquids aren’t the only the factors of skin breakouts, and it’s not just the sun’s intensity on a specific day that we should be watching out for. Granted, we have tons of other routines to keep track of; however, a few valuable, simple steps are bound to keep that skin feeling good, and looking gorgeous! What’s more, you can peer right inside your kitchen cupboards or refrigerator for everything you’ll need.

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Avocados Aren’t Just for Tacos… They’re for Your Face, too!

Create a Honey Avocado Mask once a week. They require about a quarter-cup of honey and two to three avocados. Honey alone is excellent for hydrating the skin and defending against humidity. Throw a few avocados in there, and you’ve now got a handle on skin aging and maximum moisture!

In making this mask, cut your avocados in half, and do away with the pits. Mash them up with your hands, and pour your quarter-cup of honey inside the bowl. Blend the ingredients before applying the mask to your face. Rinse your face thoroughly after fifteen minutes of wearing the mask. This mixture stays fresh between three to five days. It is a perishable, so be sure to keep it refrigerated.

A Matcha Made in Heaven

For those of you that enjoy green tea lattes from Starbucks, and may have received sunburn recently, listen up! Matcha powder and red or Moroccan clay do wonders for detoxification. Milk, on the other hand, is a surprising solution for victims of sunburn. It reduces peeling and provides you with the necessary hydration.

You’ll need a teaspoon of either coconut cream or coconut milk powder, a teaspoon or two of plain or coconut yogurt, another teaspoon of your red or Moroccan clay, and of course a teaspoon of your matcha powder. Which reminds me, if I see anybody rinsing their faces with their Starbucks-made iced green tea latte, I’ll know you read this blog! 🙂 

Collect all ingredients into your bowl before stirring everything into a paste and applying to the face. Happy Matcha Mask!

Oatmeal for Breakfast? How About a Face Mask, Instead…

Anyone that suffers from psoriasis, eczema and scabies has taken at least one oatmeal bath in their life. They help soothe itchiness, and are sure to bring relief to kids with chickenpox. Another solution to insect bites, dry skin, and sunburn, combine a teaspoon of rose water, a teaspoon of plain or coconut yogurt, an additional teaspoon of either somewhat warm plain milk, hemp, or almond, and three teaspoons of oats or oatmeal to create the Oatmeal Face Mask.

Upon mixing, blend the milk and oats or oatmeal before adding the yogurt and rose water. Cover your entire face and neck in the mask and let it sit between fifteen and thirty minutes before rinsing in moderate water temperatures.