3 Essential Professional Hair Styling Tools You Need

As any style diva will tell you, the first trick for looking good is great hair. Unfortunately, this often requires a hairstylist. But there are professional hair styling tools that can help you achieve the same result. Here are three tools that we all must have at our home:

Dryer: The dryer is not just about drying wet hair. The hot air is essential to set your hair in any style you want.  Most dryers will have temperature settings that allow you to set the heat at low, medium or high. Thick and curly hair will need high heat, while finer hair needs a lower temperature.

Curling iron: Want some naturally wavy hair or ringlets? The curling iron is an easy way to get the look you want, even if it is poker straight. Just twirl your hair around the hot rod. The high temperature will ensure that the hair sets in the curled pattern. For smaller curls, keep the winding tight. For loose curls, keep it looser.

Flat iron: Give your hair an instant elegant look by flattening it with a flat iron. Just press sections of your hair between the tongs of the flat iron and move it down the length of the hair strands.

So, use these professional hair styling tools to give your hair any style you want — flat, curly, in ringlets or just a nice shiny fall.